CIELA’s mission is to put cameras into the hands of underserved children around the world, empowering these children through creative expression while offering others an inspiring glimpse into their world through their eyes.  CIELA empowers children to create change using their creative gifts, showing them that they are an important and essential part of their community and their world. We help to cultivate and deepen a sense of purpose, inspiration, joy, love and compassion both in the hearts of the children and those who support them.

Our photography workshops open a dialogue with children, encouraging them to share their stories, their joys, curiosities and even challenges. We encourage children to follow their natural sense of spontaneity, whimsy, joy, curiosity, wonder and playfulness as they explore and capture their world through the art of photography.

CIELA serves as a bridge between those who have resources to give and those who need resources to live. Our goal is to share the children’s unique art through gallery shows and fundraisers. The proceeds are given directly to the organizations that support the children, their families and their communities and help create happier, healthier and more joyful lives.

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Our Mission


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CIELA: Empoderar e inspirar niños através de expresion creativa. Nuestro propósito es a poner cameras en las manos de los niños para darles la oportunitidad de expresarse creativamente, contar sus experiencias e historias de la vida a través del arte de la fotografia, compartir su arte con el mundo, y crear recursos para las organizaciones que los apoyan a través de la venta de productos originales que representan el arte de los niños.

Nuestra Misión

Nuestra intención es empoderar e inspirar a los niños através de del arte de la fotografia y brindarle a la gente la oportunidad de ver al mundo con los ojos de los niños. Tambien, queremos cultivar y profundizar un sentido de alegría, inspiración, amor y propósito en los corazones de los niños y la gente que los apoya.

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